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John Merz, DVM

John Merz with his yellow lab, Maggie and black lab, Lily

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One year after graduating from Iowa State University in 1989, Dr. Merz joined the Buffalo clinic. Born and raised in Dubuque, IA, Dr. Merz spent summers at his uncle’s farm. His lifelong dream of being a veterinarian had already taken shape but

working on the farm cemented his dream forever.

At the time he joined the Buffalo practice, it still addressed the health needs of both large and small animals. He liked working with dairy animals and intended to focus his practice on them. But he soon discovered that serving the health needs of small, companion animals was even more interesting and gratifying. To Dr. Merz, restoring an injured or ill animal to health and happiness, watching young companion animals grow into healthy adults and helping people understand their pets' needs is what being a veterinarian is all about.

The Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic continues to grow and incorporate new technologies, treatments and services. That progressive approach is what first attracted Dr. Merz to the practice. Most recently, we’ve added veterinary dental services, an aspect of general health that is often given scarce attention but that is of paramount importance to the quality of your companion animal’s life.

Fishing, camping and other family activities keep Dr. Merz busy when he's not working at the clinic.

Ron Moore, DVM

Dr. Moore has been with the BCAC since 1985. After

graduating from the University of Minnesota, he

interned at what was then the Buffalo Veterinary Clinic,

and never left. Growing up on a dairy farm in

Clear Lake, South Dakota, Dr. Moore’s early

experiences cultivated an interest in animal

health and fostered an enduring love and

respect for animals.

What Dr. Moore finds rewarding about

the art and science of veterinary

medicine is the problem-solving involved

in keeping animals in good health or

returning them to it. He is also

fascinated with the complex bond that

exists between people and their

companion animals. Understanding

the dynamic between them and

communicating that understanding,

helps people and their animals form

a healthy relationship that meets not

just the animal's physical needs, but the

emotional needs of both owner and pet.

Dr. Moore enjoys sharing his knowledge, educating clients and working with them to enhance communication and maximize the rewards of the human-animal bond. Clear communication and attentive listening are part of the Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic’s philosophy of how to practice medicine.

When he’s not working, Dr. Moore enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, canoeing, camping, and hiking. He volunteers in church groups and takes great pleasure in restoring his family’s vintage 1920’s era home.

Kimberly K Nicklaus DVM, DAAPM, CVA

Dr. Nicklaus joined the BCAC in 2004 after spending several

years at a practice in Mankato, MN. She graduated from

Iowa State University in 2001, fulfilling a lifelong ambition

of becoming a veterinarian.

She was raised in the small town of Eagle Grove, IA

which prompted her search for an area offering the

small town “feel” yet having the availability of big

city amenities. When she found Buffalo, she

knew it was the perfect fit.

Dr. Nicklaus has particular interest in the areas

of pain management, geriatrics, internal

medicine and dermatology. She has

recently become credentialed through the

American Academy of Pain Management, an organization devoted to cutting-edge

human pain management. Only

18 veterinarians in the country have

achieved this and Dr. Nicklaus is the only one in Minnesota. She has also just completed a medical acupuncture course and she is using this modality to help manage diseases from arthritis to

urinary problems. She is a member of both the Minnesota and American

Veterinary Medical Associations, the

International Veterinary Academy of Pain

Management, the American Academy of Pain Management and the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

She understands the deep emotional connection that people have with their pets and realizes that this plays a vital role in the well being of both the patient and client. Advancements in veterinary medicine and standards of care for our companion animals are evolving rapidly and Dr. Nicklaus strives to stay abreast of these changes to provide her patients with the quality and compassionate care that they deserve.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Nicklaus enjoys spending time with her two rescued dogs, Barley & Nihoa. She also enjoys spending time with her family in IA, reading and interior design.

Jim St.Amant, DVM

Although Dr. St.Amant originated in Gary, Indiana, he has lived throughout the Midwest, mostly in small towns and communities not unlike Buffalo. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with an undergraduate degree in zoology. He considered an academic career or a career in zoological

research but wanted to put his knowledge and skill to a

more immediate and practical use. Plus, he wanted daily

interaction with animals and their owners — becoming a

veterinarian was the perfect solution.

After graduating in 1988 from the University of Minnesota,

Dr. St.Amant worked part-time for several metropolitan

area veterinarians before joining the Buffalo clinic full

time in 1993.

As with the other doctors of the Buffalo Companion

Animal Clinic, Dr. St.Amant is a skilled veterinary

surgeon. For him, surgery of the knee is

particularly interesting. Before surgery, animals

with a torn cruciate ligament, a common cause

for knee surgery, display marked discomfort and

their mobility is restricted. Restoring an animal

to an active lifestyle and seeing the owner’s joy

at getting their pet back on track is one of the

huge rewards of being a surgeon.

Dr. St.Amant is an avid hobby horticulturist.

From “common” houseplants to various species

of exotic orchids, Dr. St.Amant’s knowledge of

plants and careful nurturing results in beautiful,

healthy plants. His success is evident throughout the clinic where it is common to see plants blooming all seasons of the year. When he’s not at the clinic, Dr. St.Amant enjoys camping with his wife and two children and tending his own companion animals.

Ron with Maggie on the left and Trooper

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Kim with Nihoa, a Shepherd cross

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Jim with his

Standard Poodle, Jack

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