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The Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic has established a

reputation as a progressive veterinary practice capable of

delivering the latest advances in veterinary medicine, dental care and surgical technology. Our state-of-the-art facility makes it possible for us to provide your companion animals with clean, safe, high quality healthcare. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our clinic in order to better serve our clients: we emphasize sharing our knowledge by educating our clients about their animal’s needs, extending our range of service offerings and incorporating the newest treatments, technology and

knowledge that comes out of the rapid advances in veterinary science.

“We believe controlling our patient’s pain is important. For that reason, we will administer medication before, during and after your pet’s medical procedure to control pain, reduce discomfort and promote healing.”

Internal Medicine/Diagnostics

Despite the best preventive care, our companion

animals become ill. They are subject to many

diseases: diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, kidney

dysfunction, heart disease, etc. Early detection is

key to restoring health to your companion animal

and we have access to a wide array of diagnostics

to help us diagnose and track illness. We have a

ccess to both in-house and referral laboratories for

blood testing, urinalysis, general and dental

radiography as well as endoscopy and video otology.


In the past, dental disease was largely ignored

but we now know the important role it plays in an

animal’s overall health. Preventive measures such

as brushing, oral diets, etc. are encouraged by our

health professionals and we are eager to educate

our clients in keeping their pets’ mouths healthy.

Routine professional cleaning allows us to keep

your pet’s health on track and decrease the

likelihood of oral pain and infection. A diseased

mouth can also lead to systemic illness such as

liver, kidney or heart valve dysfunction

Preventive Care

Preventive care is the foundation for maintaining a healthy, happy pet and a strong human/animal bond. Taking care of your companion animal’s health, preventing disease and

promoting wellness requires positive action, conscious choice, involvement and compassion on the part of the animal’s

caretaker. Annual or semiannual physical examinations

are the cornerstone of preventive care and allow

us to assess general health, discuss nutrition, parasite

control, necessary vaccinations for each pet given their

environment and overall recommendations to keep your

pet and family healthy.

General Surgery

The Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic provides a full

range of surgical procedures in a safe, well-equipped

surgery suite. There are inherent risks with any surgical/anesthetic procedure but we strive to

minimize these risks by: using certified veterinary technicians to care for our surgical patients, instituting preanesthetic testing and examinations, providing fluid therapy when warranted, using advanced monitoring equipment, utilizing the safest and most effective anesthetics and ensuring that our patients are

comfortable and cared for. We want you to be confident that you are entrusting your pet to qualified surgeons and technicians.

Nutritional Counseling

As your companion animals change, so do their dietary needs. We offer nutritional counseling for every stage of your pets' life, based on their level of activity, health conditions, weight, and age.

Wellness Screening

Research indicates that more than 10% of pets presented

to veterinary clinics for routine wellness examinations

have some form of underlying disease or abnormality.

Many of these pets have normal physical examinations

and are not exhibiting noticeable changes in their daily

routine. These abnormalities would go undetected without wellness screens.

Early detection is key. Once a problem has been identified, appropriate treatment recommendations can be implemented and, in many cases, slow the progression of disease and

provide your pet with a better, longer life. A wellness screen

can include many components, not all tests are warranted for

all pets. A complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis

and thyroid levels are all basic tests to check on overall organ health. EKG’s, intraocular pressures, blood pressure, survey radiographs, etc. may also be indicated based on age, breed, history, etc.


For your convenience and your pets' health, we keep our pharmacy well-stocked with pharmaceutical products, drugs and medicines, shampoos, flea, tick and parasite control and prescription diets.


There are cases in which our evaluation results in the need for referral to a veterinary specialist. Our network of veterinary specialists includes dermatologists, oncologists, neurologist, ultrasonographers, ophthalmologists, orthopedic/soft tissue surgeons, behaviorists and more. We have developed

relationships with many specialists in order to provide quality care for your companion animal.

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