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Our new, expanded clinic has a sunny, spacious waiting room; clean, safe and inviting. For your convenience, we also carry a selection of pet care and grooming products and specialized foods for pets who have unique dietary needs.

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The roots of the Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic extend decades back to a practice owned by Dr. H. A. Hancock. In 1962 Dr. Stanley Held purchased the practice and operated it out of his home for seven years. In 1969, he built a clinic at 1214 Hwy 25 N, Buffalo, MN, home to the current Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic.

Known at the time as the Buffalo Veterinary Clinic, it served the healthcare needs of all animals: equine, dairy, swine and beef, as well as small, companion animals. In the decades since Dr. Held built the practice, research and advances in veterinary healthcare have exploded. There have been huge improvements in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment — medical technology and new drugs continue to expand the level of care available. In order to provide the best, most advanced care possible, the doctors of the Buffalo Veterinary Clinic decided in 2000 to split the clinic into the Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic and the Buffalo Equine and Large Animal Clinic. In this way, each clinic could focus their expertise and training on their respective specialties and provide the highest quality veterinary medicine.

Upon the decision to establish two practices, they also decided to renovate and expand their clinic facilities. The new Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic was designed specifically to care for companion animals, be clinically efficient and provide a pleasant and safe experience for clients and employees.

Everything we do at the Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic is guided by our commitment to our mission and values. They include:

Adherence to the highest standards of professional

veterinary practice

Ethical business practices

Emphasis on continuing education - staying abreast

of the latest research in veterinary medicine, new

technologies, procedures, and pharmaceuticals

Elimination of discrimination and harassment in

the workplace

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(Adopted by the AVMA in November, 1999)

Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

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